The Superwrap Ready-To-Spray (RTS) Series is the world's first sprayable vinyl wrap for full body, wheels and accessories. It allows advanced Do-It-Yourselfers and Professionals with painting experience to effectively spray high quality vinyl wrap. 

The RTS sprayable technology allows for higher pressure outputs than the DIY Series, resulting in thicker coats, faster drying time and improved finish quality. The additional adjustability provided by the RTS Series enables advanced DIYers and professionals the needed precision for high level professional applications. 

The Superwrap Ready-To-Spray Series was developed to be plug and play with standard automotive paint equipment such as air powered HVLP spray guns and airless spray systems. The RTS Series is formulated as one component products and do not require reducing or catalysts.

Along with its High Gloss, Metallic, Liquid Metallic and Satin Finishes, Superwap is know for its substantial color range, and the RTS system builds on that. With the addition of over a dozen exclusive colors to the RTS range, our offering has something for virtually every possible project. 

By eliminating the need for specialized experience and equipment for sheet-type vinyl wrap, the RTS series is easier to apply with more control over the end result than traditional vinyl wraps. Its adhesive-free technology also makes removal easier, safer, and faster. 

"Superwrap gives us the best finish available while making it easy for any of our painters to start applying wraps."

I was nervous at first, but after my first coats, I knew the results would be miles better than any other spray product I've used. Looks like paint!

"My otherwise standard S4 gets more looks now than ever before. For less than 500$, I'll be doing this again every year."

Superwrap was founded by car enthusiasts with a passion for automotive self-expression. We believe that cars are so much more than just a transportation method., they are an extension of yourselves

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